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Fulfillment Policy

We are not responsible for any damage that occurs from injector shipment to us. Clients should take proper precautions when shipping injectors, such as putting them in ziploc bags and using optional bubble wrap when necessary.

Our guarantee and disclosures:

1) We are so confident in our done-for-you, fast, high quality service, that we are offering a 100% guarantee for 24 hour turnaround time and perfect performance (as evidenced by your injectors' before and after service report chart).

2) Example: If your injectors arrive to us on Tuesday morning, they ship out back to you by Wednesday at noon. Customers are automatically notified of order progress and shipment by email and text in real-time.

3) If testing shows that the injectors are not the problem, we send them right back to you with a refund minus the fuel injector flow test cost ($15 per injector).

4) DISCLOSURE 1: We guarantee that your injectors will be 100% clean and operating at perfect performance immediately after our service (as evidenced by the after-service report chart). We cannot guarantee that injectors will remain clean forever after reinstalling them IF your fuel tank or fuel lines are not clean. For maximum performance and durability of the cleaning we recommend you to check that your fuel tank and fuel lines are clean before reinstalling your injectors.

5) DISCLOSURE 2: IF an injector is broken or coil-defective (electric wiring is defective), our guarantee does not apply and we will contact you immediately to inform you of the problem since we will not be able to perform ultrasonic cleaning.

6) DISCLOSURE 3: IF an injector is in a critically clogged condition our 24 hour service guarantee does not apply and we will contact you immediately to inform you of the problem.

Call us at 786-704-2806 with any questions or concerns, including feedback or refund requests if you encounter any problems. We are always available and seek to solve your issues for you with a 100% customer satisfaction rate!

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