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Fuel Injector USA Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Injector

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1993-2004 Ford Powerstroke AD Remanufactured Diesel Injector

At Fuel Injector USA located in Miami, FL we guarantee the quality of our products. With more than 20 years of experience in fuel injection we test all of our injectors with ultrasound technology to ensure that they operate at maximal potential when they reach your engine.

Shipping: 3-5 business days 🚚All shipments are ensured

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Core Policy: $80 core deposit is required per fuel injector. This deposit will be returned to you as soon as we receive the cores. Opt out of the deposit by sending the cores in advance: injectors are shipped when we receive the cores. 

- Cores must be returned within 60 days. Cores returned after 60 days still eligible for a reduced refund based on how much time has elapsed. If more time is needed, please contact us - we may be able to make special arrangements.

- Core charge is $80 per injector. We refund this amount as quickly as possible after the injectors are returned (typically within 24 hours on business days). Please be absolutely certain that you insure your injectors, retain the tracking number, and tape the box well. We are not responsible for injectors we do not receive.

- Injectors cannot be disassembled or have been disassembled. They must be in a condition representative of normal use. NO junkyard cores that have been out in the rain. Injectors that are externally broken may have reduced core value - feel free contact us if there are questions.

Injector Description:

AA - '94-'97 Non-California trucks. They are all 90cc injectors and are single shots. 
AB - '97 California, and all Early '99 trucks. Split Shot injectors that flow 130cc of fuel.
AC - Came in high torque version of the T444E and didn't come in any Powerstrokes. They have the same internals as the AB injectors with the exception of the single shot plunger and barrel and are 160cc.
AD - These are found in all late '99-'03 Powerstrokes and T444Es, and are a Split Shot Injectors.
AE - Long lead AD injector that was used to cure a "cackle" issue.

Buyer's Guide:

Ford E-350 Club Wagon (03) 

Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon (02-99)

Ford E-350 Super Duty (03-99)

Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty (02-00) 

Ford E-450 Super Duty (03) 

Ford E-550 Econoline Super Duty (02) 

Ford E-550 Super Duty (03) Ford Econoline Super Duty (99)

Ford Excursion (03-00)

Ford F-250 Super Duty (03-99)

Ford F-350 Super Duty (03-99) 

Ford F-450 Super Duty (03-99)

Ford F-550 Super Duty (03-99) 

Ford F650 (03-00) 

Ford F750 (03-00) 

IC Corporation 1000 SC (04-03) 

IC Corporation 1652 SC (04-03) 

IC Corporation 3000 IC (02) 

IC Corporation 3800 (03) 

IC Corporation CE Commercial (04-03)

IC Corporation CE School Bus (04-03)

IC Corporation RE Commercial (04-03)

IC Corporation RE School Bus (04-03)

International 1652SC (05-99)

International 3000 (00-99)

International 3000IC (02-00)

International 3400 (02-99)

International 3600 (99)

International 3800 (04-99)

International 4700 (02-99)

International 4700LP (02-99)

International 4700LPX (02-99)

International Genesis RE (02-99)

For any questions, contact: (786)-704-2806.



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